Nearly 400,000 Californians are empowered by the state of California to lead lives of greater inclusion in the community, with the support of regional centers, service providers, and family members.

ARCA is proud to sponsor Senate Concurrent Resolution 91, by Senator Melissa Hurtado (representing Central Valley and Kern Regional Centers). This celebrates May 2022 as “Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Inclusion Month.”

Individuals with developmental disabilities and their families can and should make decisions for themselves, instead of having outcomes dictated to them. Making these choices with as much or as little support as needed and desired more effectively recognizes the inherent worth and dignity of these individuals.

We’ve seen growing awareness of disabilities generally, and the unique needs and contributions of people with disabilities specifically.

New tools like the Self-Determination Program and Supported Decision-Making strengthen person-centered planning and help ensure individuals with developmental disabilities can lead their lives as they choose.

With innovations like these, our service system is working to find ever-more effective ways to center itself around the person with developmental disabilities.

Thus, the opportunity for full inclusion and community membership is the next logical step in the progress California must make to fully realize the promise of the Lanterman Act.

ARCA and the regional centers strongly support the full inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in community life, and we are thrilled to have Senator Hurtado championing this resolution!



See the formal presentation of this resolution to the Senate!