Dr. Tom Pomeranz will be returning to Kern County. Dr. Pomeranz is a nationally recognized authority, trainer, clinician and consultant in the field of services for people with disabilities. Over the last fifty-five (55) years, Tom has conducted thousands of seminars and programs throughout the United States and Canada. His audiences praise his ability to combine information, humor, passion and storytelling into an informative whole that does not just present the information, but really communicates it in a memorable fashion.

The focus of the session is a timely and significant topic. It addresses the crucial shift in perspective needed
to enhance the integration of individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) into the workforce. By exploring the transformation from being consumers to becoming active producers, the presentations aim to shed light on the untapped potential within the IDD community.

Those interested in contributing to the discourse on community-based employment opportunities for individuals with IDD or learning more about the subject are encouraged to register. This presentation is an excellent opportunity for professionals, caregivers, and community members to come together, learn, and potentially influence positive change in the lives of individuals with IDD. This presentation session will be offered on two days. You can register at https://forms.gle/ybNTbLXUfi5R8Ab48

Join either the Monday, June 10 or Tuesday, June 11, 2024 session
Kern Regional Center, 3200 N Sillect Ave, Bakersfield CA 93308
Malibu Room
9am—4:30 pm
Lunch Provided
For more information contact Sabrina Morrow 661-717-8249