In October 2022, the State’s Budget Trailer Bill for developmental services, SB 188 (Chapter 49, Statutes of 2022) added Welfare and Institutions Code section 4870.2, requiring the Department of Developmental Services (Department) to establish an employment pilot program. The Department developed Coordinated Career Pathways (CCP) as a new employment service option. This service was developed in consultation with a variety of individuals, experts, state agencies, and groups representing the local communities served and focuses on Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE), postsecondary education, and career readiness for individuals exiting work activity programs or secondary education. The service is time-limited, person-centered, evidence based, and geared towards preparing individuals for careers. The purpose of this guidance is to outline services available to eligible participants beginning June 2024.

CCP is designed for individuals who are exiting or have recently exited work activity programs or other subminimum wage settings, or within two years of exiting secondary education, to explore and achieve inclusive options including but not limited to paid internship, CIE, self-employment, microenterprises and post-secondary education. Two new services are available through CCP, a Career Pathway Navigator (CPN) and a Customized Employment Specialist (CES). Services are time-limited to 18 months but can be extended to a maximum of 24 months. Service code descriptions and the minimum qualifications for the CPN and CES are in Enclosure A.

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Please see the attached correspondence and enclosures regarding Coordinated Career Pathways sent on behalf of the Department of Developmental Services.

Coordinated Career Pathways
Enclosure A – CCP Service Description
Enclosure B – Person-Centered Career Plan Service Provider Fact Sheet
Enclosure C – CCP Referral and Service Need Evaluation Form
Enclosure D – CCP Fact Sheet for Potential Service Providers
Enclosure E – CCP Fact Sheet for Individuals and Families
Enclosure F – CCP Program Design Guidance