Intake & Assessment

Intake & Assessment

Registration for assessment and evaluation to determine eligibility for regional center services is accomplished through the intake process.

It begins with the initial contact from the applicant/family/legally responsible person(s). This is most frequently done by a telephone call to the Intake and Assessment Unit, but can also be by written communication, or personal contact. General information regarding the intake and assessment process and qualifying developmental disabilities is provided to the applicant/family. Information is taken for completion of the Intake Form by one of the Intake & Assessment Administrative Assistants, regarding the applicant and the suspected developmental disability. If it is determined after review of the initial information that assessment is appropriate, an application packet is sent to the individual/family for their review, completion and return and an Assessment Clinic appointment may be scheduled.

Applicants will be asked to provide any evaluative information they may have from doctors and psychologists they have dealt with in the past, as well as available educational information and other reports, which may assist to document the potential developmental disability.

How Do I Apply For Services And Assessment?

Applicants/Families are asked to contact the Assessment Unit at (661) 852-3220 for information regarding the application and assessment process.

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